Holy freakin’ smokes.

I just bought another .ph domain.

And I realized…

I was robbed today.

I’m furious! (I’m so furious used a royalty and attribution-free stockphoto as a featured imaged for this article.)

I helped billionaire Bob Parson, founder of GoDaddy, get even richer.

I have nothin’ against billionaires getting richer.

After all, I use Google and Facebook.

(You: “Wait I though this article was about buying .ph domains”

Me: Yeah, just you wait, cowboy.)

But I do mind when I could have saved over a thousand pesos by just the click of a mouse.

What do I mean?

I bought a domain from GoDaddy instead of from DotPH

I had known the the true source of .ph domains is the https://dot.ph.

I’ve bought a .ph domain before this one, which I still maintain.

In case you didn’t know, unlike in other countries, the Philippine government does not benefit from any .ph domain you buy.

(Unlike, for example, the country of Tuvalu, which makes a big steady stream of cash selling .tv domains.)

Like many internet domain collectors, I sometime get an itch I can’t scratch if I see a domain I like.

I bought a .ph domain from GoDaddy.

I though to myself “Im sure the differences aren’t that big.”

Well. An hour or two after I bought it, while I was kicking my own for buying yet another internet domain, I just came upon a horrifying realization.

GoDaddy sells .ph domains at a HUGE mark up.

I mean HUGE! HUGE!!! (Look three exclamation points!)

I paid for my .ph domain from GoDaddy today at PhP 3,179.00.

This price is supposedly on 40% discount.

(After the first year GoDaddy will charge me 5,000 plus)

I just checked how much a domain bought directly from DotPH costs…

Wanna know how much?


At today’s price of PhP 48.10 to US$1 that makes $38 = PhP 1827.8

That means, PhP 3,179.00 (GoDaddy’s price, at supposedly “40% off”) minus PhP 1827.80 (Price if you bought it straight from DotPH) = PhP1,351.20!

I just wasted PhP1,351 by buying from GoDaddy instead of DotPH.

To think that GoDaddy’s price of PhP 3,179.00 is suppose to be discounted.

The regular yearly price is PhP 5,839. (By the way, if you discount it at 40% you get PhP 3497.40 not 3,100+.)

That’s freakin’ highway robbery.

I am freakin’ furious.

So furious.

Lesson learned: never, ever, ever buy a .ph domain from GoDaddy.

Only get your .ph domains from DotPH, the actual domain registrar.

Or better yet, before you buy one of those strange TLDs (Top Level Domains, like “something.ph”), be sure you check the source registrars not websites from rotten money grubbers like GoDaddy.

Imagine. I lost freakin PhP1,351 by buying from GoDaddy instead of DotPH.

Now I have to try transfer the .ph domain from GoDaddy to DotPH ensure I don’t charged that ridiculous 5k plus yearly cost.

Makes me so… angry.

Makes me furious.


That money could have bought me…

Another domain.

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